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Custom Synthesis


If you do not see what you need in our catalog, email us at with your requirements (CAS #, quantity, purity, etc.).  We have excellent sourcing capabilities to locate your fluorochemicals.

Existing Products:

For existing Fluoryx fluorochemicals available only in R&D quantities, Fluoryx is willing to discuss possible scale up options to meet your volume requirements.

New Products:

For fluorochemicals not listed on our product page, we can discuss how we can custom manufacture your product using our expertise in fluorochemistry, organic synthesis, and polymer science. We can also synthesize products using your technology under secrecy agreements.  Initial laboratory production is usually only a few grams before we can scale up to kilograms.  If your demand becomes larger than our ability to produce, we are willing to discuss managing the transfer to an approved third party producer.

Contract Research:

Do you have an idea for a product using one of our fluorochemicals but you don’t have the facilities to research it?  Contact Fluoryx to discuss the possibility of us performing your research for you.