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About us

Since it’s founding in 2009, Fluoryx has grown at an exponential rate to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of fluorochemicals based on tetrafluoroethylene (TFE).  Fluoryx and our partners started with an existing TFE plant that produced PTFE in China.  Using our strong, American-led R&D team, we quickly moved up to pilot and production scale for several of our more popular fluorochemicals based on TFE telomerization as well as the production of hydrofluoroethers.  Using modern production techniques, we produce our materials at higher purities and at lower costs than our much older competitors.

Fluoryx’s headquarters, including our sales and technical support staff, is located in the Carson City, Nevada.  Our research and custom synthesis are performed at our two labs, one in Carson City, and one in China.  We maintain a small stock  (kilograms) of all of our products in the US while our bulk material is located in China.

Fluoryx and our partners are continually advancing and refining our analytical techniques and expanding our production facilities.  We continue to have a strong R&D program, averaging 25 new products per year, based mostly on our customers’ requests for new materials.

At Fluoryx, we are prepared and committed to meeting your needs.   A comprehensive product line, experienced and friendly staff, competent technical service, consistent quality and proven custom synthesis capabilities make Fluoryx the best choice for sourcing reliable, high-quality fluorochemicals.